Professional Marine Drawer Fridge Supplier

Shanghai Kacooler Auto Parts Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and exporting a marine drawer fridge, DC drawer fridge, car refrigerator, Yacht fridge, and caravan/RV fridge. We have become the top providers of marine refrigeration equipment in the industry and hold a key reputation in China and overseas. Developed with an ability to “mix and match” items, our range of marine drawer fridges gives the perfect opportunity to pick the configuration which best suits your needs, combining both the needed capacity and the aesthetic taste at the same time. Structured to convert the fridge into a great piece of furniture, our drawer fridge freezer shows a refined and sober style, capable of interpreting the boat’s unique character. Available in surface mount, our marine drawer fridge is available as a freezer, or a combination of both, without or with ice-makers for the best flexibility. The trait of flexibility makes us a top-notch drawer fridge freezer supplier. Made from high-quality materials, the mounting flanges and drawers are made up of Stainless Steel. Each of our drawer fridges is elegant and sleek for any yacht interior. They have bright LED lighting alongside electronic c for accurate temperature control. So, don’t wait to contact us as our every drawer fridge freezer is in high demand and leaving the inventory quickly.

Marine Drawer Fridge Supplier in China

Kacooler offers different options to keep your cold beverages or store freshly caught fish for your hunger on the boat with our boat refrigerators and marine drawer freezers. Depending upon the kind of boat you have and your trip's duration, your refrigeration requirements will change. Our aim as a B2B drawer fridge freezer manufacturer is to provide services that are tailor-made to suit customers’ requirements. Kacooler is a global business provider. We firmly focus on quality. Therefore, we hire expert workers. Our marine drawer fridge, car fridge, marine drawer fridge, yacht fridge, portable fridge, dc compressor fridge are available in various drawer models, with different combos of the fridge only, freezer combo, freezer only, and some other models that have a built-in icemaker. Our units pull open easily by viewing inside everything. So, no more stooping over to see inside of the fridge. Alternatively, you will get a high-level drawer fridge freezer for your customer. Our sales staff, supported by skilled and qualified managers and state-of-the-art software logistics, provide enough thorough and efficient answers to clients’ inquiries, technical guidance, and advice, help in providing practical requirements.