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Whether you want discretion or are looking for something that makes a statement, there’s a fridge freezer to suit you. So, in this article you will know what to consider before you buy a normal or dc compressor fridge freezer:

How much space do you have?

One of the first things to think about is the space that it will take up in your kitchen. Robust American-style models live up to the expectation that big is useful; however, it may not be suitable for a small room. On the flip side, integrated appliances gel in well and may offer fewer functions compared to freestanding models.

Freezers’ widths may vary from a normal 60cm to upwards of 90cm for a big side-by-side model. You should think about depth too. Although manufacturers of a marine drawer fridge are offering narrow models, many spacious appliances are beyond traditional worktop depth, and they even may not fit your front door.

Consider the capacity split in-between freezer and fridge

If you buy regularly, eat fresh food, and rarely use the freezer compartment, then select a larger dc compressor fridge freeze. However, if you do a lot of batch cooking, or find convenience in frozen food, then the freezer will take priority. A capacity of 260 liters is appropriate for most of the households.

Think about the location

Make sure to have a good ventilation area for your stand-alone appliance, or else the DC compressor will work overtime. This will eventually create a buildup of frost.

If you need to invest in a fridge freezer with a water and ice dispenser, beware that it needs to be linked with a separate supply of water. Keep all this in mind, and you’ll soon be chilling out in style.

Key Features of a Marine Drawer Fridge

Frost free

A built-in heater stops condensation from forming so no ice can accumulate. The latest ‘intelligent’ systems monitor usage to access how many times the fridge or freezer door is opened and only defrost when necessary.

Dual thermostats

Keep fridge and freezer at separate temperatures – handy if you want to turn off an empty fridge when you go away, but leave the freezer on.

Safe and sound

Glass shelves are easier and more hygienic to clean than wire racks. For ultimate hygiene, freezers with anti-bacterial linings use silver to smash germs without harming the food itself.

Transparent freezer drawers

Allow you to see what is stored without opening the drawer, increasing energy efficiency.

Crisper sections

Stores fruit and veg at an optimum temperature of between 2 and 9ºC so they’ll stay fresh for longer.

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