Top Quality Portable Refrigerator from China

Shanghai Kacooler Auto Parts Co., Ltd (Kacooler) is an important international concern in the DC portable fridge freezer sector. Kacooler has the company policy on continued research and development regarding practical use, design, and freezers' performance. Kacooler’s portable refrigerator requires less power than you think, and they will not drain your battery life. Our Portable refrigerator can be removed and put back in easily. Our easy-to-use products such as car fridge freezer, mini fridge freeze , yacht fridge freezer, boat fridge freezer, marine drawer fridge, drawer fridge freezer, and refrigerator help our customers to use it for long. The Kacooler Fridges are far better today than they were ten years ago. Kacooler refrigerators are useful for everyday life. Kacooler 12v portable refrigerator can be used in bear country. Two ways to handle it. Keep our refrigerator covered with a blanket, and you don’t need to worry.

How to Use Our Portable Refrigerator

Connect our portable refrigerator to the battery outlet, and this can last for more than 24 hours. You can do two things; one is to connect it with a battery outlet and wrap it with a blanket. Drinks that are not cold can throw any enthusiastic traveler off-kilter. The Kacooler portable enables you to keep a hot or cold beverage wherever you go, whenever you’d like. Super cool features like the wheels, simply hot and cold switch, and a pull-out handle pile even more convenient onto this traveler’s favorite.

Leading Portable Fridge Freezer Supplier

As a prominent portable fridge freezer supplier, we provide a powerful DC compressor. Some qualities include: Our Portable Refrigerator is operate-able on the UPS system. Also, it can be taken on vehicles & directly powered through vehicle battery output. Similarly, our high-class portable fridge freezer has low starting compressor current requirements. Every reliable portable fridge freezer is supplied with both 12 to 24 volt and 240-volt cords. Long life and good reliability can easily be expected from our freezers.

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Our result-oriented portable fridge freezer has a digital temperature controller along with a display. We provide a highly compact size, and it can easily be carried anywhere. Kacooler’s portable freezer, marine drawer fridge, yacht fridge, portable fridge, dc compressor fridge, car fridge are travelers’ must-haves. Food alongside beverages for a picnic can now remain cooled throughout your trip. Consider our freezer as a portable hybrid of a fridge and microwave in the convenience of your car.