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Shanghai Kacooler Auto Parts Co., Ltd (Kacooler) is a renowned Chinese company in the yacht fridge freezer and boat fridge freezer industry. Kacooler has the company policy on continued research and development regarding design, practical use, and freezers' performance. A stylish look is one of the leading features of the whole range of Kacooler yacht fridge freezer, which offers solutions to meet any requirement and is always flexible to fit naturally into any setting.

Boat Fridge Freezer Supplier

Our boat fridge freezer has several advantages. Our boat freezers are AC/DC Compatible and have compressor-powered cooling, independent from the ambient temperature. They have low power consumption from 0. 7 - 2. 8 Amps. Also, we provide automatic voltage selection between AC and DC Power with inclined operation up to 30ºC. Our customer-friendly yacht fridge freezer is sized to fit Industry Standard Cut-Outs and withstand extreme conditions. You get a Reversible Door and solar compatible boat fridge freezer from Kacooler. If you still have not had a permanent space for a boat fridge, don’t worry; you can still enjoy refrigeration on your journey by using our portable boat fridge, also called an “electric cooler.” These devices tend to look like chillers or coolers, but beware that they are heavy significantly. Still, if a built-in fridge is not what you like, a portable boat fridge freezer is a worthwhile investment.

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Many of our refrigerators are portable. For even premium features and more space, consider our portable fridge freezer, car fridge, dc compressor fridge, portable fridge, yacht fridge, marine drawer fridge, which have enough capacity can be controlled quickly and offers a handy USB port for charging small electronic devices. The size of our boat fridge freezer and yacht fridge freezer will be restricted to the space available on your yacht. So it is crucial to carefully measure the depth, width, and height of the spot where you want to put it. Once you measure your maximum exterior dimensions, you will want yourself to give as much interior storage capacity as possible. The storage capacity of our robust yacht fridge freezer can be measured in either liters, quarts, cubic feet, or gallons. We provide an ideal balanced combination of advanced technology and a modern aesthetic look. Being assembled and undergoing stringent quality tests at the company plant in Shanghai, China, Kacooler boat freezers are fitted with compressors that always have been synonymous with flawless efficiency.